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Nicknames, Pet Names, Terms of Endearment, etc… By Lyla Haflich 11-18-2020

I’ve realized something interesting recently involving the growth, change and evolution of my children. I remember when they were very small and naturally struggled to form certain sounds making it difficult for them to properly pronounce some words and even some names. Their struggle brought about nicknames like “Mammy” for Grammy, “Papa” for Grandpa and “Bubbu” for Brother. 

Sadly those lovable terms of endearment not only did not last but around the time that they became teenagers, the mere mention of such pet names became forbidden for fear that they may be picked on by their peers if any of them ever caught wind of it. 

However, once all my children became adults even though those old nicknames did not return to my surprise they seem to adopt new ones. One day my son came into the house and said where’s my “Dadeo and Momeo?” And just recently my daughter came into the house and asked “How are you Momma?” And she even texted me later “Thank you Momma!” 

I guess now that my children are adults they are less concerned with peer pressure and feel more free to express their feelings of endearment without restrictions and I couldn’t be more happy to be the recipient of such names of affection as it’s like hearing “I wuv you Mommy” after not knowing if you would ever hear it again.


Parenthood Poem

Parenthood…   By  Lyla “Gina” Haflich  September  2010

 Parenthood, what can I Say?

Everyone thinks, they know the Way.

But no one can be truly Prepared.

For all the times they’ll be Tried or Dared.

Nor the Sleepless Nights.

Or all the Power Struggles, or all the Fights.

The  “ i  Wuv  Yoo…” s  Start  out  as,   All  The  Time.

Then slowly Become so Rare to only be a Memory, of Theirs and Mine.

Then there’s the Pain and the Fears.

And with all the Sorrow, you could fill a Lake with all Your Tears.

And you try not to get too Frustrated, or Restless,

When you find the well intended Advice of Others, to be Useless.

Everyone is Unique, so everyone’s Direction and Chosen Path is Different,

So Helpful Advice may be Impossible to Find,

As few have chosen the Exact Same Path and Direction, that You Went.

But if Parenthood is a Part of Your Life or In Your Future…

Have No Worry and See No Threat.

As Parenthood is  Rarely  one  with  Regret.

Though you may very well fill a Lake with all Your Tears of Sorrow.

I promise you could fill an Ocean with all Your Tears of  joy of Tomorrow.

There will be countless Trials, but there will be far more Triumphs.

As all your Downs will be almost balanced out by all your Ups.

As for your times of Disappointment, you will have Your Share,

But those times are sure to be subdued by all your times of Pride,

As they show you how much they Appreciate and truly do Care.  

And it’s not if, but when you reach a mountain,

You are Not  confident that you can Climb,

Dig deep for the Strength to press on, and you will learn,

You can Do  it, and You Will  Be  just  Fine. 

You See, The Bond of Parenthood is like No Other.

So if it’s Closeness you seek, then there is no need to look Farther.

You will find that you will do everything in your Power to Protect and Defend,

And become more Selfless than you ever thought possible,

With Remarkable Endurance all the way to the End.

And you may even be Surprised to find an Animal instinct, hidden Within,

But you will learn to recognize it, once the feeling Begins.

As from time to time you won’t be able to hold back  your “Mama Bear” Response,

So for those considering an attack on you and yours, Well, they should just Move On.

Within the world of Parenthood, you will find More Than  One  Relationship,

But the one that is coveted and Cherished The Most, is the  One  of  Friendship.

So, as for the journey of Parenthood,

In the past, everyone may very well have thought they knew the Way,

But the truth is, they cannot, because the journey of  Today and Tomorrow,

Is nothing like the journey of Yesterday.

But even though everyone may not truly know the way, like they think they Do,

Still try to Listen, because I assure you that many are at least familiar,

With the Amazing Love that is in store for You.

And with That Parenthood Love, there is no Lack.

So in the end You too will find very little that you would take Back.

So even though the journey of Parenthood may be Rough,

And certainly not for the  weary, and  Only  for  the Tough,

The journey of Parenthood is much like a Test,

And if you are Courageous enough to Take  it,

I  promise,  You  Will  Be  Blessed.

I wrote this several years ago after my daughter who was 9 years old at the time asked what it’s like to be a parent and decided to share it because even though not everyone is a parent, everyone is someone’s child. And sharing it now is just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day soon after.



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